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Criterion Health Care connects physicians and patients with the latest advancements in home health care and remote patient monitoring to create a new standard for the best in care, all from the comfort of home.


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Zero cost to the patient or physician, Criterion staff installs a cellular enabled device allowing your patients to take daily readings from the comfort of their own home.


Criterion’s trained staff educates patients with current, relevant, and informative content on how to improve their chronic condition.


Criterion’s staff works with your patients to promote daily adherence to the program and will coordinate visits to service or replace any non-working devices.


Our software will alert you in real-time when a vital sign is transmitted outside of your ordered parameters so that you can better manage your patient’s care.


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Daily monitoring and care, right at home, at no cost to you.

Telemonitoring, also called Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), is a type of telemedicine care designed to make it easier for families and caregivers to work together for preventive treatment and maintenance of certain qualifying medical conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension.

RPM allows Medicaid-qualified Medicare beneficiaries anywhere in the state of Texas to receive preventive care and monitoring free of charge. Physicians and families can now use this technology to monitor health and wellness at home, plan routine care, and even measure and track vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and more, helping reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and medical complications.

Criterion Health Care works with physician's offices to provide RPM services, creating a new and better standard of care for families and patients previously limited by transportation, mobility, or finances.

  • 100% Covered

    For Medicaid-qualified Medicare beneficiaries with pre-authorization

  • Safe and Confidential

    The same confidentiality and quality of care as an in-office visit

  • Convenience and Flexibility

    Connecting physicians and patients in the comfort of a home environment

  • Preventive Care

    Reduce the risk of emergency room visits and hospitalizations by monitoring and reducing complications from chronic health conditions


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